The future of construction

Seismic is a physical cross-sector construction platform system that facilitates the design, procurement, manufacture and construction / assembly of buildings using standardised and interoperable components and assemblies, the requirements for which are part of a component catalogue.


The future of construction


Why Seismic?

Improvement in efficiency
Reduction in carbon*
Improvement on value**

Improving your construction projects

It's a challenging landscape for UK construction businesses, from labour shortages to productivity issues, building regulations and cost constraints. Clients also want more from their capital projects than just a building – they need improved delivery with better outcomes for their inhabitants and a more positive impact on the planet.

For contractors to remain competitive and relevant, seeking innovative solutions that provide tangible client benefits is crucial.

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Enter The Seismic Platform®, offering contractors a game-changing advantage by enhancing efficiency and promoting interoperability across various construction methods. It gives you an immediate, low-cost entry point to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) whilst reducing risk and improving project delivery. 

By embracing The Seismic Platform®, you'll establish a robust market and supply chain and foster the seamless development and delivery of buildings based on our proven approach. All of this with no specialist contractors needed,

Our tailored consultancy support further ensures your success by guiding you through the implementation of the platform.

After £30 million of investment and 10 years of research and development, The Seismic Platform® is the only government-backed solution available, so it will give you a competitive advantage for public sector procurement that requires the use of platforms.

Why you should adopt the Seismic Platform

The Seismic Platform® was developed to help drive a shift towards Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) within the construction industry, whilst allowing you to maintain complete control and reduce project risk. Depending on your needs we will work closely with you and your team to realise the benefits of our platform, including:

  • Less risk - no specialist suppliers –  The platform is designed to eliminate the need for specialist suppliers putting you in full control of your project and the entire supply chain.

  • Reduce costs by increasing your buying power  –  The Seismic Platform® enables you to use standard details and components that can be assembled in any sequence using any methodology.

  • Improved efficiency –  Deliver more projects with the same resource.

  • Ready to use and fully customisable – You benefit from 10 years and £30 million of research and development. You can then adapt and customise it to suit your own project needs and IP.

Who benefits from its use

Clients and End Users: Embracing the Seismic Platform® opens up a wide array of benefits for clients and end users, improving project outcomes. These advantages include;
- accelerated return on investment
- reduced environmental impact
- heightened safety standards
- increased social value
- financial savings
- top-tier quality assurance
- proficient risk management
- and alignment with governmental targets and funding prerequisites for offsite manufacturing.
Design Teams: The Seismic Platform® empowers design teams by giving them ultimate control of the design process. This level of ownership;
- eliminates the need for specialised contractors
- offers a user-friendly platform
- ensures comprehensive and proven detailed designs
- presents a straightforward and adaptable structural framework
- and allows you to allocate design resources to critical areas.

Additionally, it provides the capacity for expansive, unobstructed spans of up to eight metres, ultimately enabling design teams to maximise productivity and deliver exceptional outcomes.
Contractors: Leveraging the Seismic Platform® enables contractors can improve projects delivery through;
- a well-established supply chain
- eliminating the need for individual specialist systems
- adherence to the Construction Playbook
- minimising interface risks
- reducing weather-related dependencies
- accelerating project delivery
- elevating safety standards
- adaptable assembly options
- cost savings through aggregated demand
- enhancing procurement efficiencies
- and decreasing site-related preliminaries.

A customisable platform without the huge investment

Whether you are a public sector organisation conforming with the latest government guidance, or a private sector organisation looking for a competitive advantage, the Seismic Platform is for you and we'll be there to support you and ensure you get the most out of your project design and procurement stages.

As per the Construction Innovation Hub's Platform Rulebook, the Seismic Platform® provides unlimited configuration to enable the efficient construction of any building regardless of type or use. We licence our patented platform to approved and carefully selected partners that can meet the highest standards of the system.  

The Seismic Platform® helps you to deliver higher-performing and better-quality buildings and can be mass-produced and delivered within shorter timescales.  You benefit from the factory efficiency of 2D structures (MMC category 2) with the site efficiency of 3D structures (MMC category 3). You can assemble the buildings into 3d form on-site or in the factory. 

  • Whole building solutions  –  one off or highly repetitive builds.

  • Componentised room clusters solutions  ideal for high volume with a medium level of standardisation opportunity.

  • Componentised kit of parts solutions –  One off projects  or those with a low level of opportunity for standardisation or constrained sites.


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