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The Seismic Group offers access to the Seismic Platform® through a licensing arrangement, allowing companies to use all associated resources. You can either: 
- Tailor the Platform to suit your specific requirements, projects and intellectual property. You then have your version of the Platform without the development time and cost overheads.
- Or, you benefit from Seismic's brand recognition as a government-approved platform, thereby enhancing your project bids and facilitating effective marketing to prospective clients.

The pivotal connector block

Within the Seismic Platform®, the patented connector block assumes a pivotal and shared role, featuring defined structural interfaces and fulfilling several crucial functions essential for assembling and integrating the Platform's components, commonly called cassettes. The connector block takes on the following significant roles:

Streamlining Component Assembly: The connector block facilitates the seamless assembly of individual components, specifically the cassettes. This ensures that modules can be assembled to maximise project value rather than being restricted to supplier-specific locations.
Module Creation: By interconnecting the cassettes, the connector block forms cohesive modules that integrate into the broader construction system effortlessly. This standardised approach results in consistent module sizes and configurations.
Linking Multiple Modules: The connector block empowers the connection of multiple modules in various orientations, whether side by side, end to end, or stacked vertically. This adaptability supports the creation of intricate structures while accommodating diverse project specifications.
Stacking Efficiency: The connector block optimises transportation and space utilisation by enabling the stacking of cassettes, which is particularly beneficial for vertical construction projects.
Transportation and Lifting Support: With a keen design focus on transportation and lifting, the connector block ensures modules remain securely attached and stable during transit. This enhances both safety and ease of handling.
Foundation Bolting: When necessary, the connector block offers a secure means to bolt the module to foundations, reinforcing stability and structural integrity.

The connector block's multifaceted functionality and robust structural capabilities are integral to the Seismic Platform but are only part of the story. To find out more about how the Platform could work for you, please read this handy guide(hyperlink to the guide)

Consultancy and support services

The Seismic Group provides comprehensive support services for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Product Data for Modern Architecture (PDFMA) leadership. These services are designed to cater to a diverse spectrum of stakeholders within the construction industry seeking to embrace and implement MMC practices successfully. The Seismic Group is uniquely positioned to provide tailored support services for end users, principal contractors, MMC providers, and consultant/design teams.

Robust testing standards

As part of its development the Seismic Platform® has been through a rigorous testing programme for health, safety and quality. These include:

Market ready components

See below all market ready components.

Floor cassette
Full build up option 1
Floor cassette 
Full build up option 2
Floor cassette steel sub frames
Inc. connectors option 1
Floor cassettes steel
Option 2. 
Ceiling  cassettes
Full build up option 1. 
Roof cassettes
With specialist connectors to suit required pitch.
Full steel sub frame
Including floor and ceiling cassettes.
Connector with brackets
Connector with brackets and base frame
Demountable / reconfigurable partitions 

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