Product Family

How it works

Design teams are able to select and specify suitable standardised sets of interoperable components. These components have defined interfaces and key fixed dimensions to facilitate efficient manufacture. The Seismic Platform® offers a choice of using existing components or development of new components or a mixture of both to suit your requirements. In the same way applications are developed in the digital industries, the development cost of new components can be offset against future repeatable uses and we will work with you to help develop an income from your development.

Market ready components

See below all market ready components.

Floor cassette
Full build up option 1
Floor cassette 
Full build up option 2
Floor cassette steel sub frames
Inc. connectors option 1
Floor cassettes steel
Option 2. 
Ceiling  cassettes
Full build up option 1. 
Roof cassettes
With specialist connectors to suit required pitch.
Full steel sub frame
Including floor and ceiling cassettes.
Connector with brackets
Connector with brackets and base frame
Demountable / reconfigurable partitions 

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